Matt Shlian: Paper Sculptures

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I am in love with these dramatic paper sculptures by Matt Shlian.  Each piece is unique, and innovative.  You can see more of his work here.  Don’t forget to watch his Ted Talk as well!

{images via Matt Shlian}


Paper Typography

Designer and paper artist Bianca Chang has created some paper magic with her custom hand-cut typographic designs.  With the use of shadow play and tonal variations she has been able to create three dimensional sculptures.

Check out the making of a letter video to see her process:

Robert Ryan

Robert Ryan is a highly acclaimed illustrator from the UK specializing in paper cuts, and silkscreen prints.  Paper cutting is an art-form that has evolved through the centuries, and if you have ever tried it, you can appreciate the difficulty in producing a work with intricate details.

Ryan’s elaborate paper cuts have appeared in collaborations with high profile designers in the fashion world including: Tatty Devine, Liberty’s of London, Ernest Sewn, Paul Smith, Vogue, and also has released an illustrated book ‘This Is For You”, a fairy tale told through paper cut art.  I love the way he is able to cross boundaries with his art, and still be innovative.

Robert Ryan prints are available from his etsy store, or through his gallery in London, Tag Fine Arts