Christmas photopolymer plates

Christmas photopolymer plates

Wow, last year went by in a blur!  I must say, that 2012 was a great one for me, I got married, had loads of new letterpress projects, I got to go to the stationary show in New York!!! What more could a girl ask for?

The year did keep me quite busy, and I hope that it continues on this year.  My last minute Christmas Card project was a great success, with cards sold out at both The Drake General Store and Caravan Shop in Tofino, BC.  It is definitely a great feeling to have such a wonderful response to the hard work that was put into producing the cards.

Each year, I make it a point to not have resolutions, but to focus on goals.  This year, my main goal is to grow my letterpress business.  With the inspiration and support that I have received, it definitely keeps my drive going. Valentine’s day cards are in the works, and fingers crossed the online store will be up in time for them to be available.  Stay tuned!




Drake General Store

Happy Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and I am pleased to have two of my card designs available to at the Drake General Store in Toronto. This store is one of my favorites in the city to pick up a unique gift, or to get inspired. Go grab your card now before their gone!

Nomad Gift Cards

If your a guy, and you live in Toronto, then you are probably very familiar with NOMAD, the guys-go-to shop with a carefully curated range of mens clothing and accessories.  I’ve had the privilage of working on a couple of unique projects for them, including these gift cards.

The card was printed on a luxurious 600gms Crane’s Lettra cardstock, with a custom deep midnight navy ink.

You can now purchase online through their web shop, or in store.

{image via NOMAD}

National Stationary Show

One of my goals for 2012 was to make it to the National Stationary Show. This proved to be a bit tricky as I have been deep into the planning of my upcoming wedding, so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull it off. With a bit of perseverance and a great friend to come along, I booked my trip, and I was definitely not disappointed.

For the past couple of years, I like so many others, have followed the highlights of the NSS online, with so many great bloggers out there, it’s easy to get an understanding of the calibre of work exhibited at the show. I had never been to the Javits centre, and the enormity of the show was a bit daunting at first.

It took us about six hours to make our way through the exhibitors, we didn’t want to miss a thing! and even though not everything applied to what I am trying to establish with my own business, it was amazing to see what others are creating. Needless to say, we both left extremely inspired, and bursting with ideas. I have been jotting ideas down in my nifty little notebook, and am eager to start putting things together.

It was also really nice to chat and meet face to face so many of the designers that I follow online. Everyone was extremely friendly, and offered some great tips.

I would love to one day be able to exhibit at the show, but am very realistic about the amount of work and preparation it takes to get there. Perhaps another visit next year is in order!

I’m Still Here!

Well…. it has been months since I have posted onto the blog! The past little while has been quite hectic for me, in a good way though. I have been busy planning my upcoming wedding! Settling on a date was much more difficult than expected, however we finally booked everything for October 6 of this year. It will be quite a busy time for me, but I’m looking forward to it.

I have also been keeping busy with some fun letterpress projects, which I cannot wait to share with you! It has been great to have my small printing business start to grow, and I have become more and more familiar with my press’s quirks – we are really starting to like each other 🙂

I did get a chance to fly away for some beach time with my lovely fiancee. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I was laying in the sun, it gave me some time to recharge, and get re-inspired.

As well, I am very excited to report back on my trip to New York for the National Stationary Show!!!! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to swing this trip, but I made it happen, and am so glad that I did.

Thanks for all of the continued visits to the blog, and I’m looking forward to sharing more fun letterpress love with you!


Even More Lego Letterpress!

A while back I posted on some stunning prints done by Physical Fiction, combining Lego with letterpress to produce some unique prints.  They have returned with some great new works. Each piece can be purchased from their site, and are quite reasonably priced between $10 – $50.

{images via Physical Fiction}