Summertime Bike Rides

It’s hard to believe that we are half way through summer.  As with every other year, it feels like it is flying by!  I am lucky to live in a city with a strong biking community. I decided this year to bite the bullet and purchase a new bike for myself, and it was well worth it!  I am now able to bike to and from work, and as I live near the lakeshore, I am able to enjoy some great bike paths.  A friend of mine came up with the great idea to form a bike crew, we meet up each Tuesday, and hit the streets of the city.  It’s been great as we have grown in size, and have been able to explore parts of the city that are rarely visited.

I’ve also been scoping out what etsy has to offer for bikers, and I currently have my eye on this neat basket from Bates Crates

I hope that all of you are enjoying your summer as well, whether its just hanging out in the city with friends, or being lucky enough to be spending some time in a cottage.


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