Christmas Wishlist: Type

Every year, I try to be as organized as possible with my Christmas gift list.  This year is no exception, with a long list of names of some very special people!  I have been slowly searching online for some gift ideas, and thought I would share some with you to hopefully help you with your list.  Here are a few ideas for those type lovers out there:

The iPad Underwood USB Typewriter has me drooling!  Simply plug in your iPad, and type away.  Each typewriter can be used without the iPad, simply unplug and roll in some paper!  Available at Anthropologie for $798

Just My Type by Simon Garfield is a wonderful and revealing book about type and it’s history.  If you ever wondered what your favorite font says about you, then this book will delve into that.  Exploring the world we live in, and the fonts that surround us, the book is entertaining as well as informative. Available at all major book stores, including Chapters for $32.

For all of those that enjoy snail mail (myself included!) this is a fun set of Christmas stamps, that will make anyone receiving them smile.  The vintage imagery is simple and fun.  There is a selection of 10 stamps, each for $5.00 at Present & Correct.


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