New Inks!

This past week has gone by in another summer flash! I love this time of year, and try to enjoy each moment, however I have decided to dedicate this week to spending some time to myself and getting some overdue projects around the house completed.

I have been de-cluttering and re-organizing my work space and am feeling a renewed sense of motivation! One of the tasks that I have been eager to jump into is mixing some custom colours for my inks.

Each printer has their own preference when it comes to their inks, I personally like using rubber based inks. Van Son is the go to manufacturer for these, however I always have my eyes peeled for used inks that pop up from time to time from other printers. I recently came into some 5lb cans of slightly used inks. The cans were not in the best shape when I got them, with some pretty thick skinning on the top, however once I got down into the ink, there was plenty of well preserved product for me to use.

While trying to figure out the best way to salvage these, I decided to get some mason jars to transfer these into. I figured that it would be a great way to keep them uniform, and easier to store.

My collection is slowly getting bigger and I wanted to take some time to mix some additional colours that I want to offer with my custom wedding invitation line. I am currently in the process of whipping up some great new colours- with the help of my trusty Pantone colour guide, can’t wait to try them out!


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