Bookworm: I Wonder

It is no secret to those that know me best that I am a lover of books.  I was one of those kids who always had my nose in a book, and loved to get lost in a good story.  That being said, there are some special moments when I discover a great book, that is also a work of Art.

I now have in my possession a gem in my book collection!  I have been lusting after this book ever since I saw it sparkle from across the room at Type bookstore.  From the beautifully designed layout, to the captivating cover that had me thinking the exact title of the book…. “I Wonder”

Conceived by Marion Bantjes, this book is comprised of a gold and silver satin hardcover, with gilded edges.  The interior is printed on luxurious coated stock.

The book is comprised of a collection of observations on visual culture and design, illuminated by a luxurious array of typographic illustrations.

I have now  placed my copy on my bookshelf, in plain view when I look up from my computer.  I find it very inspiring, and am sure that I will be picking it up very frequently to peruse and explore.

{images via Marian Bantjes}


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