The Roller Gauge

Taped Rails

Taped Rails


I recently ordered some essential inks from Boxcar press, and I decided that it would be a good idea to purchase a roller gauge at the same time.  During my last visit with Tanya over at Snap & Tumble, she showed me hers, and helped me to understand how to properly use it.  It’s quite easy actually, previously while searching online through various tutorials, it was a bit difficult to understand.  If you are trying to do this on your own press, the video tutorial on the Boxcar website is an excellent resource.

Upon the first measurement of my rollers, it was evident that they needed some major readjusting.  The appropriate height is 3/32″ and my rollers were about 1/2″.  I purchased some duck tape and started to layer the rails.

before taping the rails, approx. .5 inch

before taping the rails, approx. .5 inch


I instantly noticed a difference in the impressions.  Before adjusting the rollers, the ink was running off the edges of the type, and after, the image is much more crisp.  I would recommend this tool to everyone, it has instantly become an extremely valuable tool in my studio.

after taping the rails


2 thoughts on “The Roller Gauge

  1. Hooray! Isn’t it nice when you solve a press problem? Yes, the roller gauge is handy to have – hopefully we never have to use it again though, right?

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