On the go….


some notecard printing!

I began this New Year with ordering some essential items for my new press.  I have been adjusting the packing on it, and decided to bight the bullett and purchase some pressed redboard, and tympan paper to see how it works.

I am also waiting on some inks that I need to enable me to do some mixing and expand my color options – a much needed color was the mixing white, as I currently am unable to alter any of the shades that I currently own.

I have been playing around with various paper, and working on some tiny projects for some friends.  I love how smooth the press runs!  It is very different from my Adana (even though I LOVED that press!) but well worth the change.

In the mean time, I have begun to tackle some of my New Year crafty projects.  A lovely red scarf is being knitted for my little neice, with a khaki green one to follow for my nephew.  I have also begun a class at The Workroom, sewing a dress from one of the addictive Japanese dress books titled “Happy Homemade vol. 3”   If your curious about, or are already into sewing, these books are great!  They are simple to make, but the difficulty lies in translating the patterns – which are all in Japanese!


Japanese dress book with new fabric!

I’ve ordered a couple additional books, and am on the hunt for unique fabric to work on some more projects. My current favorite fabrics are from the Liberty of London collection!

Fingers crossed that my press items arrive this week – in the meantime, I am still working my way through HTML land!


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