Sneak Peak…… New Model 4 Press!

The past couple of weeks have been quite hectic, as my “press” adventures continue!  Upon deciding that I wanted to upgrade and get a larger press, I opted to sell my Adana, it was difficult to see it go, but it is now in a new loving home.  I initially found a Craftsmen Superior to purchase, and after finalizing the details, I discovered that it was in fact a Craftsmen Imperial press (For those of you that know, the Imperial press has the same chase size as the Adana, and the Superior is lager) I decided not to purchase it.

So the search began, I was hoping to stumble upon another Superior, or even better a Pilot, when I came across a Model 4 press.  These presses are not widely used (or available), but is the predecessor of the Kelseys (which BTW I am not a huge fan of) they are known to be great looking, sturdy presses. This press was produced in England as well as the US,  and designed by J.W. Daughaday.

The Model presses came in many different sizes, along with a selection of treadle machines, the Model #1 and #4 were the Tabletop Hand presses.  The chase size is 10 1/2 x 7, which I am uber excited for!  This press, however is much larger and heavier than my Adana – at a whopping 200 lbs! I am currently working on making space for it in my studio to support the size and weight.

My only concern at the moment is shipping!  This press is being delivered from England, so it needs to travel across the Atlantic safely to my house!  Fingers crossed all goes well, and I should hopefully have it delivered and set up within the next two weeks. I am eager to print again, and can hopefully get a couple of projects completed for the holiday season.

I’ve attached some early adverts for the Model press, as well as my press wrapped and ready to go!


My new press - ready to be unwrapped by me!



5 thoughts on “Sneak Peak…… New Model 4 Press!

  1. @jojo Thanks Lady!!!!! I know that you will eagerly be waiting at your mailbox 🙂 I won’t disappoint!

    @Steve Thanks for the well wishes! My fingers are crossed for a safe arrival as well 🙂

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