One step forward… two steps back

{image via flickr}

When I first began my letterpress journey, I was fully aware at the difficulties that lay ahead of me.  Whenever you endeaver into a craft that involves vintage objects, as well as a wide variety of tools and supplies, it will take some time (and $$$$$) to get rolling.

After feeling like I was gaining momentum and moving forward with things, the first victim of my press happened … a broken impression screw.

I have to admit that I must take part of the blame for the aforementioned casualty, as I did not notice that my press had a slight crack in it, and as I was trying to adjust the screws to get a better impression, crack went my frame, and the head of the screw fell off without warning!

Luckily, I have a spare press that I keep for parts, and am now in the very difficult process of fixing it up.  A trip to Don Black’s is definitely needed, as I have learned that you need to leave some jobs to the experts…. such as adjusting impression screws.

Hopefully, this delay will not be for too long, I’m looking forward to diving back in!


One thought on “One step forward… two steps back

  1. oh dear! I admire your commitment. It’s not easy with that kind of equipment and I think I would’ve given up a long time ago at the first sign of a broken anything. Good on you!

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