Finally Working!

… well kind of working.  After weeks of tinkering with my lovely Adana press, I am pr

oud to say that at long last I have made my first impression!  The journey has been quite difficult, but I must say that I have taken the time to get to know my press, as I have had to take it apart, get

new parts, throw in some paint and voila, I am almost up and running.

The biggest set back was adjusting some of the screws to get an even impression.  I am still working on it, however my frustration was at it’s peak when I was trying to press a vintage woodblock that I had found, and I later found out that it is a bit warped- hence, uneven impression.  I immidiatley tried another block and SUCCESS!

There are still  a couple of  items on my list that I would like to get, including:

Boxcar base

New inks (the ones that I have right now tend to dry pretty quickly)

Paper cutter

I’ve decided that I am going to start with little projects such as personalized stationary for friends, giftcards for the little kids in my family, and some other stuff to practice.


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