Coach House Press

The past couple of weeks have been a blur to me, as life has gotten extremely busy!  Alas, my blog has fallen victim……..

As I get back into the swing of things, I want to first take a moment to talk about a recent visit I had at Coach House Press during the annual Toronto Doors Open weekend.

With some beautiful weather, my beau and I hopped on our bikes and headed towards the University of Toronto campus, where hidden in a little laneway, this unique print shop resides.

The space was a bit tight, but very functional.  Upon our arrival, it was evident that we were not the only ones eager to check out how this place runs, as there were many visitors eager to join a tour.  The staff were super helpful, informative, and obviously very passionate about printing, and it’s classic to modern techniques.

We first met with the Linotype machine, and although it is not currently being used, we were able to see the complex yet unique process of creating lead type.

CHP owns a wonderful Gordon Press, which was previously used for their everyday printing, however nowadays it’s main purpose is to score covers for books.  My lucky boyfriend got to test it out, it was a wonderful sight to see this press in motion.

The most used machines at CHP are their two Heidelberg presses.  Both presses are sheet-fed, and can go through six miles of paper a day, approximately 5,000 sheets per hour!

The majority of the projects printed at CHP are poetry books, their best seller being EUNOIA by Christian Bok.

If your interested in touring the press house, you can contact CHP directly at


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