Postcard from the Past

I recently stumbled on this article about a Valentine card that was found 76 years late.

Addressed to Miss Margaret Davey, the letter had a 1 and 2 US stamp on it.  It was delivered to Duke university, whom had no idea where to begin to locate its owner.

After some research, it was discovered that the Valentine was sent from Margaret’s favorite aunt “Joyce”.  Miss Davey was a student at Duke at the time, and went on to become a nurse.

The unfortunate news is that she had passed away two months prior to the letter being discovered.  The good people at Duke were able to locate her daughter and finally had the mail delivered.

It is wonderful thing to find such a treasure from the past. Those that know me best know how much I love a hand written letter.  It is a very special thing to take the time and write something for someone you care about.  This holds true in the present, where words seem to get lost as they travel through email …. its so wonderful to see that, words written more than 75 years ago can still be found!


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