Adana Update

It has been quite some time since I have posted any updates with regards to my personal letterpress situation.  Months ago I ordered an Adana, and to my utter devastation, it arrived with a broken arm and ink disc.  Well…. I am pleased to say that although it has taken a very long time, my parts have arrived.

Broken Press:

I guess I have been so focused on getting the parts, that I did not think ahead as to replacing them on my machine!

I know that the best idea right now would be to bring it to somebody to fix for me, however I am determined to jump in and get my hands dirty (literally!)  I have already taken the old arm off and am working on putting the new one on.

I am almost ready for my first impression! I do need to take a moment to get everything organized.

My boyfriend and I have decided that it will be best to set up an area in our basement, as the opportunity to make a huge mess is high! (especially with my prone to clumsiness!)

Hopefully within the next week, we will have an area cleaned out and a workstation set up.  More details to follow!!!!!


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