Bookworm: Loving Frank by Nancy Horan

I have always loved getting lost in a new book – especially those novels that pull you in immediately, making it difficult to put down.  As an Art and History buff, I tend to sometimes gravitate towards the semi-fictional tales of artist’ past.

Loving Frank by Nancy Horan is the story of world renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Many are familiar with the great structures Wright created, however very few are aware of the scandal that followed him throughout his career – most notably an affair with the wife of a client named Mamah Brothwick Cheney.

The two lovers abandoned their families and ran off to Europe together for a year.   They later lived together in Taliesin, a house Wright built for them to escape the judgemental eyes of society.  This tragic love story ended when Mamah, along with her two children, were brutally murdered in the house by a crazed servent, and needless to say, Frank Lloyd Wright was never the same.

Later this month, I am off for a short visit to Chicago and am eager to head to the suburb of Oak Park where Wright worked and lived.  Many houses in the neighbourhood were designed by him are open to the public, and I can’t wait to check it out. Fingers crossed for good weather!


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