Crafty Toronto!

I feel very lucky to live in the city of Toronto!  It is full of wonderful crafty places, with offerings and events galore.  Although for the newbie things can be a bit tricky to find, with time anyone can build their own personalized list of places to visit, and blogs to watch.  Here are a few of my favorites from my local neighborhood:

Toronto Craft Alert: is a community hub and online service for craft, DIY and design related activities happening locally. They are a resource for learning about local designers, craft fairs, projects, exhibitions, material suppliers, and learning opportunities.

The Workroom: Is a sew-by-the-hour space with all the tools you need to complete that perfect sewing project.  Great fabrics are available, and they have loads of workshops and classes if you need a refresher. (this past weekend, they also hosted the City and Craft Love & Rummage sale, it was great success with wonderful items on offer!)

The Paper Place: A wonderful assortment of paper from around the world.  They supply your basic papers in a variety of colors, to luxurious handmade designed paper from far off places such as India, Japan and Nepal. They also offer a wide selection of workshops, and are great at offering loads of advice when creating your special project.

Mokuba: This is a ribbon lovers paradise!  I like to wander into this store on my days off, just to feel the luxurious sateen ribbons!  The selection is outstanding, with a wide range of textures and tones.  It is a wonderful place to visit when looking for inspiration.

The Knit Cafe: From the novice knitter to those more advanced, the knit cafe is a wonderful place to sit, relax, socialize and knit!  The have a great selection of yarns and tools to get you going.  It’s a great place to bring a friend, and sit and talk as you knit the afternoon away.


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