I alway gush whenever I find something old brought into the new.  Such is the case when I stumbled upon the Art-o-mat.

Art-o-mat consists of old cigarette vending machines, that have been converted to vend Art! Currently there are 82 working machines throughout the US.

Each machine is uniquely restored, and no two are alike.

The experience of pulling the knob on the machine is thrilling in itself, and you get to walk away with a piece of art as well.  Currently there are 400 contributing artists, from 10 countries.

I live in Canada, so I do not have access to a machine, however there is an online store, and I am drooling over the Art-o-carton! A package of 10 works, put together based on a questionnaire of 10 questions that gives insight onto your personality, and compiles the works that would suit you.


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