***Before I begin this post, I would like to take a moment to dedicate this entry to my lovely boyfriend Jonathan – as his life would be empty without the wonderful gift of chocolate! I do not know anyone who loves it as much as he does…. so this ones for you. xoxo ***

I nearly fell off my seat today when I stumbled across Typolade, a chocolatier based out of Germany, who have created a sweet blend of typography and chocolate!

Perfect for the type-setter with a sweet tooth, the yummy treats at Typolade are created by hand by expert chocolatiers using custom made molds and ingredients only of the highest quality.

I love how the letters are stored in a California Job Case type display, ready to be picked letter by letter as a printer would do as they set up their press.

Printed in a 48 point font, you can almost feel the letters melting in your mouth.  Unfortunately they do not ship outside of Europe, but a girl can still dream!

(A little birdie also mentioned to me that its best to purchase the W …. as it’s a bit wider, you get more chocolate!)


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