California Job Case

As I get into my New Year’s cleaning and organizing mode, I thought that I would touch base on the California Job Case (CJC).

The origins of the CJC is not very clear, and based on my personal research on the web, there are many theories on how the case came into existence, however there is not much debate on its purpose.

The CJC is comprised of 89 compartments for upper case, lower case, figures, special characters, spacers and punctuation marks.  The layout is believed to have evolved into a scheme that was made to help printers as they picked type for their printing jobs.  The bigger compartments are for the most used letters, and vice-versa for the lowercase letters.  In addition, the letters most used were place in a spot that were easy to reach.

I was able to get my hands on a couple of cases from Don Black for the two fonts that I currently own.  I decided to sit one night and clean out the drawers and type, and now have a very clean and organized case.  Can’t wait for my next visit, and am daydreaming of the next font to purchase.

Hmmmmm, any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “California Job Case

  1. Hello Natalie,

    I was given your blog address by Peter Ramos, whom I meet when we take our kids for Piano classes.

    You’ve got a great blog!

    I just wanted to show you what I had done with two Typeface Cabinets that I salvaged from my Dad’s press in Bombay. Just days before they were to be turned into firewood. I cringe at the thought.

    Unfortunately the dividers were long removed by the time I got my hands on them. My wife now uses them to store her oils and acrylics.

    This is a link to my blog with a photo of the before and after.

    My father has been a letterpress printer for the better part of his life and just this morning found out that he has in his press an unused Adana that I hope to have in my possession when he travels here for the summer.


    • Hi Dhiraj,

      Thanks for following the blog!! Wow, the Cabinets are beautiful!! Great job at restoring. I hope you get the Adana, its a great press to work with, and very difficult to find in North America.
      I will follow your blog to see how it goes.

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