Good News and Bad News

First I will start with the good news: my Adana press has arrived!  I was so excited when I got the notice that it was available for pick up, and I could not wait to open up the box, pull out my new press and begin to work with it.

Now the bad news ….. once I opened the box, I discovered some damage from shipping.  The ink disk was badly broken in the centre, and is now unusable.  As well, there is a crack on one side of the arm.  This is quite unfortunate, but not devastating.  The person I bought the press from is being very helpful.  All this means is that it will take a bit more time before my press is up and running, but since I still need some key items before I can actually start printing this is fine.  Fingers crossed that this gets worked out, and I have a new ink disc coming my way soon!


One thought on “Good News and Bad News

  1. ack. that’s ebay+shipping for you. Cast iron is heavy, but when it falls it can crack easily. but sounds like you’ve got everything under control. you know where to go (DB’s) for the supplies!

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