Briar Press

For novice and expert printers alike, Briar Press is at the top of the list as a letterpress resource.  Packed with loads of information, this site includes many features that can help when learning about various presses, and answers to many difficult questions.

Briar Press consists of a community of letterpress printers, book artists, and press enthusiasts.  The site is dedicated to the preservation of letterpress-era equipment and the art of fine printing.

Some of the features include:

Museum: A virtual collection of presses.  Here you will find images of presses in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Any historical press that you can imagine is listed here.  It is a great resource for those that may have found an old press, and cannot identify it.

Classified: For those on the hunt for a new press, or perhaps just looking for spare parts and furniture, this ares is for you.  It is also a great resource when looking for workshops as well.  The only downfall is that although many people visit this area, it may be difficult to find items near your hometown.

Yellow Pages:  A concise directory of various printmakers worldwide.

Discussion:  Hands down the place that I visit the most.  There is an abundance of information on any and all topics pertaining to printing, supplies, technical difficulties, etc….  I enjoy it because it give me information that I didn’t even know that I needed!

Visit Briar Press here


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