12 pt. Parisian

My excitement keeps growing as I continue to enjoy searching and learning about letterpress.  I am currently waiting for the delivery of my new Adana 5 x 8 which is being shipped from England.  In the meantime, I am trying to compile a list of the many items that I will need to get myself started.

The next item on my list is to get a couple of fonts.  I scoured the internet to see what is out there, and to get a grasp on the many different fonts that are available.  THERE ARE HUNDREDS!!!!! I love seeing the various sizes and shapes of the letters, and one in particular grabbed my eye on ebay, a 12 pt. Parisian font.

Although I had no intentions of purchasing any type yet, I couldn’t help myself.  A couple of bids later, and I was the proud new owner.

I previously lived in Paris, and it is hands down my favorite city in the world.  What attracted me to these characters was the way that it captures the feel of the city, there is something Bohemian and romantic about it.

I was beyond delighted when it arrived in the mail, it is very small …. but perfect!  I can’t wait to print with it, the ideas are already brewing in my head!


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