Social Designer: 500 Pencils

Social Designer is an organization that curates and creates smart products that tune into the greater good.  They believe that every good idea (and every good cause) starts with a conversation.  One of their most recent projects is called 500 pencils.

For anyone that loves to draw, loves color, and loves art then you will surely dig this.  They have put together 500 pencils each with its own unique color.

The way that this program works is on a subscription basis.  Once you sign up, you will receive 25 pencils a months sent to your doorstep.  What you decide to do with the pencils is completely up to you.

They also have available a variety of display cases for you to use.  I personally really like how they are all displayed on the wall, giving you access to each color should you choose to use it.

The downside to this very cool concept is the price, subscription costs are a bit high at $33.00 a month, multiply that by 20 months for a grand total of $660! (not including the display case).

For more information on this project, please click here.


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