Letterpress Workshop

After searching around the city for help with learning more about printing letterpress, AND to get my hands on an actual press to start playing with, I came across snap&tumble.  Tanya is a Letterpress enthusiast, she began a blog about two years ago documenting her journey, and now offers letterpress workshops from her home.

I booked in for a one-on-one session with her for about three hours.  It was great! We sat down, chatted about our inspiration, our love for craft, and then she took me through the whole process.  We both discovered that we have always loved creative activities, and have spent many hours exploring a variety of crafts,  we both also have a love for Fine Art (we both studied Art History in University).

Tanya works from a beautiful Craftsman Machinery Co. Superior press (she also has an Adana, which were predominatly manufactured in England), and has spent a lot of time collecting a variety of tools and accessories that are necessary when printing.

She had a good variety of type to choose from, took me step by step from setting up the type, to aligning the paper properly, inking the roller, and before I knew it, I was printing away!  I ended up with lots of personalized stationary, and can’t wait to start writing letters to some friends (did I mention that Tanya is a lover of snail-mail, as am I,  how great is it to open the mailbox and find a handwritten letter from someone special!) It was loads of fun, and I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in learning this craft.

Visit the snap&tumble website here


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