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The past year has gone by in a blur! I have been completely MIA but for a good reason… I gave birth to two wonderful twins last October! That’s right, I am now the proud mother of a beautiful little boy and little girl.  The journey has been a roller coaster ride, but I am happy to say that my two lovelies give me so much joy everyday. The past six months have been an adjustment, but now that my new family has gotten into a routine, and doing well, I am definitely ready to jump back into some letterpress projects – especially since I have some new creative inspiration to get me going.

So it has been over a year since I have been able to do some press work. I had been put on bed rest early in my pregnancy, and could only get so far as getting my ideas onto paper. Now that the babies are a bit older, and life is getting to feel normal again – I am beginning to understand the challenges that every new mom goes through. I am learning that balance is key – and with a wonderful husband as my team mate, I am able to manage some time to myself.

I am looking forward to sharing the journey with you all – and so happy to get the presses rolling again!


Matt Shlian: Paper Sculptures

matt-shlian-paper-sculptures-17 matt-shlian-paper-sculptures-14 matt-shlian-paper-sculptures-12-600x286 matt-shlian-paper-sculptures-06 matt-shlian-paper-sculptures-07

I am in love with these dramatic paper sculptures by Matt Shlian.  Each piece is unique, and innovative.  You can see more of his work here.  Don’t forget to watch his Ted Talk as well!

{images via Matt Shlian}


Christmas photopolymer plates

Christmas photopolymer plates

Wow, last year went by in a blur!  I must say, that 2012 was a great one for me, I got married, had loads of new letterpress projects, I got to go to the stationary show in New York!!! What more could a girl ask for?

The year did keep me quite busy, and I hope that it continues on this year.  My last minute Christmas Card project was a great success, with cards sold out at both The Drake General Store and Caravan Shop in Tofino, BC.  It is definitely a great feeling to have such a wonderful response to the hard work that was put into producing the cards.

Each year, I make it a point to not have resolutions, but to focus on goals.  This year, my main goal is to grow my letterpress business.  With the inspiration and support that I have received, it definitely keeps my drive going. Valentine’s day cards are in the works, and fingers crossed the online store will be up in time for them to be available.  Stay tuned!



Just call me Mrs.!


I didi it!  I am now officially a married woman.  The wedding planning took up most of my time this year, but it was well worth it.  The day turned out beautifully, and it was so wonderful to be surrounded by our close friends and family!

Now… onto all of those crafty projects that got pushed to the side!